How it All Began

Homespun was founded out of a love for hospitality, good food, and a desire to share our passions. On Labor Day 2012, we collaborated with other Atlanta creatives to set a beautiful table, invited family and friends to join us, and Jason cooked his heart out. We still love the opportunity to use our gifts and talents to bring others together, serve a wholesome meal, and inspire along the way.

Homespun is a wholesome dining experience that brings community back around the table. We offer in-home and corporate catering and chef services. Guests enjoy a fresh, seasonal meal prepared with the best hand-selected ingredients from the local markets. The purpose is not just to dine but rather break bread and share life. 

Farmers Market Flowers
Grits and BBQ by Homespun ATL
Yogurt Parfait by Homespun ATL
Homespun ATL
Breakfast Hash by Homespun ATL