Cherish the Now

Homespun ATL - Plywood People This past Friday we had an amazing time with our new friends at Plywood People. The night was simple, allowing us to present our talents, care and creativity in an environment to celebrate this past year.

We are grateful that we are able to provide enduring moments. It is special when people simply gather over a meal around the table and share their hearts. It challenges us to continue to create. It is in these times when we pause and break bread with friends and family that we cherish them even more.

We love this quote by Lindsey Shere,

"Food should be enjoyable, and bring people together somehow. If people ate together everyday things would be different. And if people ate and cooked together, things would be very different!"

It is different because there is something sacred going on, and we feel it in our hearts. We all know the value in communing but sometimes we all forget to break and engage with the people in our daily lives. In this busy season, we encourage you to share a meal with others. Share life and love. Cheers to you and yours!

Be Well,

Jason and Jamie