THE MAKING OF...Black Bass

The are three components that go into deciding the ingredients of any dish I will be making.

It must be:

  1. Local -  Knowing where the produce is coming from
  2. Seasonal -  Insuring freshness and availability
  3. Sustainable- Being a responsible consumer


At our July Homespun I made black bass as the entrée. I wanted to do something different from past gatherings (I find myself always going to pork...or some braised meat). Since it was the middle of summer, I had a great excuse to create a lighter dish with fish. Wild-caught bass off the coast of South Carolina got my attention. It's delicious, and thanks to modern transportation we can  get it really fresh here in Atlanta. The black bass was pan-roasted. I paired it with available produce from the farmers market.  With chanterelle at their peak, I knew I had to highlight these delectable fungi. A friend, "Farmer Jon" from Abundant Harvest Gardens, foraged the mushrooms that I roasted off, and also provided the green beans that were blanched. Adding the heirloom cherry tomatoes from Woodland Gardens that were tossed  in a simple caper vinaigrette provided a sweet, acidic touch. The majestic purple potatoes from Serenbe Farms were puréed with smidge of lemon and fresh thyme.


Implementing the guidelines of Local, Seasonal, and Sustainable allowed me to create a dish full of flavor, color, and texture.  The black bass was just one of several other dishes to make the evening one to remember... Simple. Wholesome. Authentic.

Be Well,


Photo Credit: Paige Jones Photography