Open Invitation: Homespun

So what's the story behind these dinners? Chef Jason Jimenez and myself (his new bride) host monthly gatherings at design studios around Atlanta. We have called it "Homespun ATL," since the gatherings started in homes, and continue to carry a simple, unpretentious feel to each dinner. We source the meal from area farmers, markets, and purveyors to keep it as fresh and local as possible.
Each gathering features a locally sourced meal to include: snacks, communal wine, first course, family style dinner, and finished with coffee + dessert.
The invitation is open to anyone and guests can RSVP until the table fills up. Most hear of the dinners through word of mouth or buzz on social media.  We also invite local creatives to contribute to each dinner with their respective craft-whether design, floral, photography, etc.
Most come in strangers and leave as new-found friends. That's the beauty of the table - it is a wonderful opportunity to organically facilitate community and relationships, bringing people together that otherwise may not have crossed paths.
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Morgan Blake - Images 3, 6