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Homespun for the Holidays

We are still accepting bookings for both, private in-home and corporate/staff holiday gatherings. If you're interested in finding out more information, please fill out our contact form We will send over our Winter Menu and Host Guide, which outlines all the details for hosting. Our dinner menus start at $55, and we have many allergy friendly (GF, DF, etc) options available.


Atlanta Creates | Chef Jason Jimenez

Homespun Nov 10 2013 by Buffy Dekmar Photography029

Recently Jason was featured on “Atlanta Creates.”  This is a project initiated by Buffy Dekmar Photography to build creative community and share the faces and personalities behind creative businesses in Atlanta. You can read the full story and interview with Jason here. Below is an excerpt capturing the Dekmar's experience at our October  gathering.

This culinary experience is a new (old) concept that brings (back) values and feelings that might otherwise have eluded our generation...Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients range the color spectrum and are expertly combined to create a memorably exquisite meal. Name cards are placed strategically to encourage new connections. Candles and laughter light the room.

Homespun Nov 10 2013 by Buffy Dekmar Photography009

Homespun Nov 10 2013 by Buffy Dekmar Photography019

Homespun Nov 10 2013 by Buffy Dekmar Photography091

Homespun Nov 10 2013 by Buffy Dekmar Photography120

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Brunch Debut

View More: I love brunch. I have to admit, the guest got the full brunt of my excitement and appreciation of brunch food.  The menu offered a great variety and was filling to say the least.


  • Mini Pecan Sticky Buns
  • Local Parfaits with AtlantaFresh Yogurt, Gluten Free Pure Bliss Granola, Honey, Figs


  • Farm Veggie Salad - Local Tomatoes, Squash, Bitter Greens, Basil, Shaved Carrots with a Lemon Honey Vinaigrette
  • Riverview Farms Melon's with Fresh Basil and Honey
  • Stone-Ground Grits with BBQ Pork
  • Quiche with Roasted Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach, Goat Cheese, and Bacon
  • Bacon Cheddar Biscuits
  • Breakfast Meat Plate- Applewood Smoked Bacon, Housemade Breakfast Sausage
  • French Toast Bread Pudding with Blueberries and OrganiC Mountains Wildflower Honey
  • Crystal Farms Heirloom Potato Hash
  • End of Peach Season Basil Muffin

The table was filled with rich conversation.  It brings joy to me when I see people connect, laugh, and savor the moment. Wholesome food has a way of bringing people together. We all know how special of these moments around a meal. We often come to the point are hearts are yearning for nourishment for our bodies and our souls.  So why do we as a culture not take the time to deal with both?

I can only speak for myself, but it is when I get so caught up in work, email, errands, meetings, and the day-to-day grind that I feel so emptied and selfish. I encourage you to create opportunities to be present. Have co-workers over, asking the neighbors in for the first time, or just sitting down at the table with everyone in your household for a family dinner.  Step away from the busy.

-Chef J

Credits: Erin Wood of Paperlily Photography // Jamie Jimenez of Julia’s Poppies - Paper Goods

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THE MAKING OF...Black Bass

The are three components that go into deciding the ingredients of any dish I will be making.

It must be:

  1. Local -  Knowing where the produce is coming from
  2. Seasonal -  Insuring freshness and availability
  3. Sustainable- Being a responsible consumer


At our July Homespun I made black bass as the entrée. I wanted to do something different from past gatherings (I find myself always going to pork...or some braised meat). Since it was the middle of summer, I had a great excuse to create a lighter dish with fish. Wild-caught bass off the coast of South Carolina got my attention. It's delicious, and thanks to modern transportation we can  get it really fresh here in Atlanta. The black bass was pan-roasted. I paired it with available produce from the farmers market.  With chanterelle at their peak, I knew I had to highlight these delectable fungi. A friend, "Farmer Jon" from Abundant Harvest Gardens, foraged the mushrooms that I roasted off, and also provided the green beans that were blanched. Adding the heirloom cherry tomatoes from Woodland Gardens that were tossed  in a simple caper vinaigrette provided a sweet, acidic touch. The majestic purple potatoes from Serenbe Farms were puréed with smidge of lemon and fresh thyme.


Implementing the guidelines of Local, Seasonal, and Sustainable allowed me to create a dish full of flavor, color, and texture.  The black bass was just one of several other dishes to make the evening one to remember... Simple. Wholesome. Authentic.

Be Well,


Photo Credit: Paige Jones Photography

MENU | May Gathering at Matchstic

May 2013 Homespun ATLFarmers Markets are in full swing by May, and we took full advantage by traveling around Atlanta to source the meal. We shared with our guests where the fresh produce came from and challenged everyone to shop local and taste the difference.  We desire authenticity in life through relationships, work and service.  The same standard can, and should, be set for our food. Here's a look of the evening focusing on the meal. For the full recap, please visit Pilgrim Creative. Enjoy!

Locally Sourced: Woodland Gardens, Crystal Organics, Skylight Farm, Tucker Farms, Pearson Farm, Watsonia Farm, Fry Farm, The Capra Gia Cheese Company


Snacks Lemon White Bean Hummus with Fresh Herbs and Black Pepper Lavosh Roasted Strawberries with Local Goat Cheese on Rosemary Cream Biscuits


First Course Tybee Island Shrimp and Seared Scallops with Spring Beets, Bibb Lettuce, Basil, and Orange Vinaigrette


Entrée Braised Rabbit with Lemon Marsala Glaze with Leeks, Spring Onions, and English Peas Carrot Agnolotti with Asparagus and Thyme Roasted Cauliflower and Broccolini With Parsley and Capers


Dessert Lemon Basil Panna Cotta, Poached Blueberries, Coconut Macaroons

Contributors: Paige Beasley of Pilgrim Creative – Photography // Krista Janos of Blue Eyed Yonder - Table Scape Design + Chair Rentals // Jamie Jimenez of Julia’s Poppies - Paper Goods

Open Invitation: Homespun

So what's the story behind these dinners? Chef Jason Jimenez and myself (his new bride) host monthly gatherings at design studios around Atlanta. We have called it "Homespun ATL," since the gatherings started in homes, and continue to carry a simple, unpretentious feel to each dinner. We source the meal from area farmers, markets, and purveyors to keep it as fresh and local as possible.
Each gathering features a locally sourced meal to include: snacks, communal wine, first course, family style dinner, and finished with coffee + dessert.
The invitation is open to anyone and guests can RSVP until the table fills up. Most hear of the dinners through word of mouth or buzz on social media.  We also invite local creatives to contribute to each dinner with their respective craft-whether design, floral, photography, etc.
Most come in strangers and leave as new-found friends. That's the beauty of the table - it is a wonderful opportunity to organically facilitate community and relationships, bringing people together that otherwise may not have crossed paths.
*To receive news and invitations to the gatherings, sign up for our newsletter.Homespun.HaleyShef.Dec12-18
Photo Credits
Morgan Blake - Images 3, 6

November Gathering - Harvest Dinner

Last month we were blessed with a memorable night full of laughter, thanksgiving, and of course, a seasonal meal. You may have already seen the amazing Homespun ATL video captured by Los Filmmakers, if not check it out. They documented the process of preparing for the evening.

We gathered with a new group of friends and strangers to share a harvest meal at the industrial studio of Matchstic in Grant Park.  Jason served up course after course of "autumn delight", the arrangements of Juli Vaughn lit up the room, Mao's inspiring freehand chalk art inspired the guests... there is something to be said (and experienced) when we get to create from the overflow of our's raw, organic and imperfect, yet beautiful. Here's a look at the evening through the eye of Whitney Huynh. We hope to see you at the table soon!

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