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The Homespun experience is better than catered events or private event dining at a restaurant. I swear the meal was WAY better than pretty much every restaurant I've been to in Atlanta. And the best part it was served in my home!! Five star, James Beard quality food, served in my home... Amazing!!!

Kathleen Morris | In-Home Gathering Client

The unique food and genuine experience Homespun creates is so incredibly special. It always leaves us and our guests completely blown away and a little bit spoiled. Jason and Jamie truly care about great food, serving people, and creating remarkable experiences. If only I could eat their food everyday! 

Blake Howard | Creative Director and Co-Founder at Matchstic + Host for Creative Mornings ATL

Homespun has been a stand-out experience to me over, and over and over again. From my first dinner (plus many more dinners and brunches) to the private parties I've hired Jason + Jamie to help me with, I think I've enjoyed over a dozen Homespun meals. Not only is the quality and creativity of the food unmatched; their commitment to experience is so consistent. I've never seen them put down a less-than-ideal meal or be less-than-welcoming hosts. It's hard for me to think of any reason why I could be offered a Homespun meal and find anything else more appealing!

Ashley McHugh | Owner of Ashley Buzzy Lettering and Press

"Homespun has been there for all of our important meetings & events over the years: company retreats, advisory board meetings and lunches with key clients. They offer something that no one else does - great hospitality and local chef cooking right at our office!"

Craig Johnson - President and Co-Founder at Matchstic

We used Homespun for a corporate dinner recently and the experience couldn’t have been better. Jason was extremely professional, on time, and friendly. And the food was superb! Homespun gave our event the handcrafted, custom dining experience that we’d never get from a traditional, generic catering experience. Choose Homespun!

Brett Trapp | Executive VP of Client Experience at Boosterthon

I engaged Homespun for a dinner party to celebrate my 40th birthday. Jason exceeded my expectations and offered a wonderful meal for me and my guests. He was able to customize the menu and everything was delicious! My husband and I enjoyed getting to know him and his assistant Alex while they were prepping and I knew I would LOVE the food when I learned he had worked at Local Three (my most favorite restaurant).
The best part was being able to have guests in my home and enjoy their company as opposed to spending my time cooking and cleaning up my kitchen. I would highly recommend Homespun for an intimate dinner in your home. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Rachel Simon | In-Home Gathering Client

Fellowship and community with Homespun changed my appreciation for Atlanta and brought new meaning to the phrase “dinner time”. Jason and Jamie are the most welcoming hosts. The details of a Homespun gathering make each meal a treasure and an unforgettable experience.  Hands down my absolutely favorite aspect of dinner is the request to surrender our phones for the meal. Leaving technology for a few brief hours alters the focus from self to community. 
My first Homespun dinner was in October 2013. After that first meal I raved about it to all of my closest friends and tried to come once a month until I moved to NYC in June. Everyone in Atlanta should take advantage of this beautiful and experience. NYC is missing out! Best Dinner Experience in Atlanta! I can’t wait to come back for a visit.

Mónica Zarate | Community Gathering Guest