How to Cut Fennel


Ever wondered how to properly cut fennel? Follow the pictorial for a step-by-step guide as Jason demonstrates. Note:  To begin, cut off the stalks from the base and set aside. This will help to get long slices of fennel.


1. Cut the bulb into quarters through the core.



2. Working with one quarter at a time, cut (at an angle) all but about 1/8″ of the core so that the layers are still held together. 


3. At a 45 degree angle, slice the base into strips.



What to do with those stalks and fronds you set aside?


  • Add fennel stalks to a vegetable broth. They lend quite a bit of anise flavor, so use the broth with a fennel dish.
  • The stalks also freeze well in plastic bags for later use.
  • Use stalks and fronds with cooking fish. Whether you're grilling, poaching, or steaming, laying a few stalks and fronds alongside the fish will infuse the fish with the sweet fennel flavor.
  • If you're into juicing, add the stalk to your next mix of fruits and veggies.

FRONDS - Pick the fronds from the stalks and use them like a herb with:

  • In salads, especially if the salad contains fennel. They'll add just the faintest hint of licorice to each bite.
  • Tucked in the cavity of roasted chicken or whole fish, alone or with other aromatics
  • Chopped and added to marinades for fish or meat, along with garlic and other herbs
  • Added to chunky vegetable soups during the last minutes of simmering
  • As a bed for roasting swordfish or halibut fillets (both fronds and stalks)

Photo Credit: Paige Jones Photography // Sources: 1, 2